Bag o' Treasure - Guilt Free Dark Chocolate Dessert Wafers
Bag o' Treasure - Guilt Free Dark Chocolate Dessert Wafers

Bag o' Treasure - Guilt Free Dark Chocolate Dessert Wafers

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A little bag of treasure, 5 individually wrapped pieces tucked sweetly in an organdy bag makes the perfect ornament or stocking stuffer. (Eco-friendly celluolose wrapping makes this all the way guilt free gifting!)

 Each hexagonal wafer is made in small batches with pure raw cacao from Ecuador and sweetened with local ethically harvested honey. Each wafer is .140 ounces and has only 20 calories. 

Gluten free, dairy free, soy free, guilt free chocolate. Yes, please.

 Choose your favorite flavors from the drop down menu

Black Lava Salt: Double down on the benefits of dark chocolate and honey with this mineral rich Hawaiian Black Lava Salt

Bee Pollen: Tiny bursts of floral sweetness are invigorating and add even more yummy honey flavor. (Limited quantities/Seasonal)

Cardamom Rose: Exotic flavor profile inspired by Persian desserts. The warm cardamom blends exquisitely with all natural rose essential oil to enchant chocolate lovers.

Celtic Salted Thyme: Tangy and slightly savory Celtic Sea Salt makes for a calm, easy on the taste buds treat.

Chili Goji: Holy super foods! Cayenne and Ancho Chili add a spectacular warmth and kick, while the tartness of the Goji Berry helps round out the flavor. Heat seekers love this!

Mulled Spice: Cinnamon, Clove, and Nutmeg warm the heart with holiday memories.

Naked Honey: Our flagship flavor. Simply the world's best cacao sweetened with honey. Simple, rich and delicious.

Nancy's Roasted Almond: Almonds are soaked and toasted to perfection and added to give the perfect nutty goodness in this classic chocolate treat.

Zesty Orange Ginger: Honey Candied Ginger combined with organic orange zest make this a powerfully zingy bright dessert addition.