About Us

"How to craft the perfect blend of high quality chocolate with nutritious raw honey?"

The quest to create the perfect balance of texture, flavor, and retain the health benefits of organic raw honey began in a home kitchen in Olympia, WA. Founder and chocolate lover, Kirsten Sogge was determined to find a way to support her love of bees (and honey) with her desire to eat healthy good tasting food.

Only a few short months of happy experimenting and Sogge's life coaching clients started requesting to buy her delectable confections.

"I realized that I'd done more than create the perfect balance of great tasting chocolate that also happens to be good for you, I'd found a way to bring people a luxurious addition to their self care rituals."

That's why every delicious bite is more than the embodiment of commitment to quality, ethically sourced ingredients, it's an experience that uplifts and makes people hum. Just like the bees who contribute the all natural, raw golden sweetness. May you hum often.


Our Vision

To share our love of life through co-creating delectable, sensuous food and experiences that induce joy, promote health, increase awareness and provide sustainable comfort.

Our Mission

To serve as connectors of joy and co-creative fusion with all of nature. Promoting abundance in health, wellness,and manifesting opportunity through sustainable enterprise and crafting experiences through delicious, sensual, healthy good food. We keep it simple. Fair trade Organic Raw Honey Big taste, Big Joy, Few Ingredients


Our Values

  • Respect To All
  • Commitment to Joy Co-Create with Nature
  • Unwavering commitment to quality
  • Savor the sweetness in life, every day