4 PC -  Self Care Satchel

4 PC - Self Care Satchel

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The quest to create the perfect balance of texture, flavor, and retain the health benefits of organic raw honey began in a home kitchen in Olympia, WA. Founder and chocolate lover, Kirsten Sogge was determined to find a way to support her love of bees (and honey) with her desire to eat healthy good tasting food.


The perfect gift for a friend in need of a little love, and by friend that could mean you, too! This golden satchel delivers on it's promise of some quality "me-time" with a warm cup of coffee, tea or glass of your favorite wine.  


Available in all of Honeylove Chocolates' sensational flavors. Simply choose your favorites and add them to the cart!

Flavor Profiles & Ingredients: 

Bee Pollen ~ Ethically sourced fresh bee pollen provides a rich floral undertone and taste bud tickling addition to the velvety chocolate bites. 

Black Lava Salt Highly prized for its health benefits as well as its ability to add depth and richness, Hawaiian Black Lava Salt combined with award winning Agostini and Pacari chocolate liquor is so delightfully decadent it's hard to believe how good it is for you!

Cardamom RoseA hint of the exotic East, the intoxicating combination of cardamom and rose combine to make a devilishly self indulgent moment of pure chocolate joy. 

Celtic Salted Thyme Blend a dash of thyme culinary essential oil and Celtic sea salt and you get a refreshing light tangy and bright savory yet smooth flavor.


Naked Honey Unadulterated chocolate sweetened only with raw organic honey. Perfect for the purist in the chocolate loving crowd.

Nancy's Roasted Almond We soak and roast our almonds until they're just the right side of dark to give the perfect crunch in every bite. Their name sake, Kirsten Sogge's British mother, had a self care ritual as a nurse in England during WWII of saving her ration cards to get the best dark almond chocolate

Zesty Orange Sassy citrus with a burst of spice, the perfect not so guilty pleasure. Our take on the perfect pairing of orange and chocolate gets so much more interesting with delightful bits of our signature honey candied ginger. 


Ingredients organic fair trade 100 percent cocoa liquor and cocoa, raw ethical local honey, coconut oil.

May include the following organic ingredients: black lava sea salt from Hawaii, rose essential oil, cardamom, honey-candied ginger, orange zest, bee pollen, spices.