What's Your Flavor?

Our Founder, Kirsten Sogge, has a knack for introducing people to just the perfect flavor to suit their personality. In fact, it's her favorite thing to do, besides inventing the outrageously good chocolate recipes for Honeylove Chocolates!

Honeylove Chocolates - Treasure Tin We sat down with Kirsten and asked her how she selects just the right flavor to introduce people to the deep and sensational flavors of Honeylove Chocolates.

"Well, I think I use my intuition a great deal." Sogge says, "If someone feels like they are a little more introspective I tend to hand them Black Lava Salt. It's rich and deep, but quietly expands." 

For upbeat and perky taste testers, Kirsten first asks if they enjoy Ginger and those that do, either get to try ZOG (Zesty Orange Ginger) or Ginger Pecan Praline, "Our ginger has quite a kick to it, because we candy the ginger in raw honey. The honey replaces the water content in the ginger which makes it outrageously strong. This is an amazing chocolate. If someone seems a little feisty I hand them the ZOG, and if they seem a little more peppy but happy go lucky, I pass them a Ginger Pecan Praline."


If ginger isn't their thing, more energetic types are granted a special treat in Naked Honey or Bee Pollen. "Like many high energy folk who prefer straight out vanilla bean when it comes to ice cream, I've found those people really love our Naked Honey or Bee Pollen, because of the essential nature of the flavor."

For more stoic or traditional personalities, Kirsten grabs a piece of Nancy's Roasted Almond. "You know, it's not just an old time favorite, it's truly unique in that we first soak the nuts to bring out the natural flavors and then we toast them until their dark and crispy. This gives a richer, deeper experience."

Romantics are given Cardamon Rose, "Let's face it, these are for dreamers and lovers. The exotic Cardamon joined with the sweet aromatic rose oil is just out of this world. Romantics just melt into it." Kirsten smiles remembering many testers being in absolute ecstasy tasting Cardamon Rose.

"Celtic Salted Thyme are for the "seen it all" tasters. The real chocolate fanatics, the folks that are looking for something truly unique. These are folks who have seen Chocolat, and go out of their way to experience food in a sensual manner. I love the thoughtfulness as they savor the amazing blend of flavors and the "mmmmm" that escapes before they have a chance to form words."

So, Which flavor are you?




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