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Outrageously good chocolate - Deep Flavor

When we describe our chocolate people who haven't tasted it yet, tend to nod politely and give us the "Oh sure you're special" look. Then they sample it, and here's how it goes down.

1. They bite in.

2. Silence.

3. Eyes get wide.

4. A noise escapes... a quiet "hmm", a soft "mmm"

5. They get louder.

6. We smile.

7. They start describing their experience. "Oh my God, this is so different. It's like a meal."  - "Wow, that's like really great wine, it's got top and bottom notes...this is really good. Do you know how good this is?"

Honeylove Chocolates Celtic Salted Thyme

Yes, yes we do know how good Honeylove Chocolates is, it's outrageously good. And it's even more outrageous when paired with cheese.

You heard us... Cheese.



Here's a favorite way to pair Honeylove Chocolate's Black Lava Salt 

 Spicy cheddar with parsley & horseradish - Our tasting team compared this creamy sensational experience to sparklers. Little bursts of light and tangy flavors are super fun and bright. Goat Cheese with herbs - "Mmmm", "Oh Mommy, Umami!" and "Oh... My... Gawd!" That's all we have to say about this... try it.

Want more ways to pair your chocolate with cheese? Download our free chocolate pairing guide... We promise it will make you hum.

Get your free guide by clicking the link https://honeylovechocolates.com/products/pairing-guide




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