Treats for Food Sensitive Diets

Happy October!

It's time to celebrate the harvest and get ready for Winter, and that means that Halloween is Halloween Honeylove Chocolatesjust around the corner! Honeylove Chocolates is proud to offer chocolate that is dairy free, gluten free, soy free, free of refined sugar and free of harmful chemicals so that when you (or your kids) bite into one of our outrageously good chocolates you can do it GUILT FREE.   We believe that life needs to be sweet and feel good all the way through, that's why Honeylove Chocolates makes sure Halloween is all treat and no tricks. 

True story, our Marketing Director, Laurie Rivers, was allergic to most ingredients found in commercial chocolate. You know, things like cotton seed oil (should humans even consume that?), preservatives, soy lecithin, and other preservatives, so Halloween wasn't always such a fun night growing up. Almost every year she had to exchange out most of her candy for treats her mother made in advance. As a kid she felt left out and deprived, but today knowing the damage caused by all the chemicals and not good for human additives in commercial candy, Laurie tells us that she's thrilled her body was spared the load of "toxic goo" found in most off the shelf candy.  

Our founder, Kirsten Sogge, dealt with the allergies of her daughter growing up, and the challenge was massive. How to find treats and food that wouldn't trigger eczema and other food sensitivity symptoms. The struggle was unbelievable and Kirsten dedicated herself to making good treats that her daughter could have without side effects. 


At Honeylove Chocolates we are proud to offer you and your family rich, delicious and outrageously good chocolate free of harmful additives and chemicals. A purely delightful treat that feels good all the way through.

 Our small batch artisan made chocolate is always fresh, always pure and always outrageously good. Make sure you place your order before October 20th so you can treat your special ones with outrageously good chocolate!  

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