The Sweet Spot

Co-Creating with Nature 

Eco-village often evokes the image of a rural plot of land, mostly mud, with ramshackle buildings and people living roughly albeit communally. Most Eco-villages couldn't be further from that popular vision. The 21st century version is often comfy with alternative buildings or even urban settings. Each community has a focus, most choosing to live more intentionally and in concert with Mother Earth.

The Sweet Spot Eco-Village is the birth place of Honeylove Chocolates, both founded by Kirsten Sogge. Intentional living and community is taught, lived and modeled operating co-creatively with all of nature's intelligences. Sogge, a certified Waldorf instructor, eurythmist, and life coach, hosts "playshops", creative play experiences, and gatherings all designed to bring people home to themselves.

The Sweet Spot is also offers AirB&B overnights, extended stays and starting in August, full experiences. 

Yes, there is always chocolate at The Sweet Spot, every single day.

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