OMG So Good! Chocolate and Cheese Pairing

Honeylove Chocolates come in 8 fabulous flavors

Things that make you say 'Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm"

 Chocolate and cheese are an unlikely pair when you think about it. The Honeylove team found that it's another way to experience outrageously good chocolate and take it to a whole new level.

Celtic Salted Thyme paired with herbed soft goat cheese was wild and out of this world. Savory and smooth. We created a chart to capture the experience.

Mmmm Yummy Wow! Sooo good
Oh Mommy, Umami! More please! Can I just have chocolate? OMGee


In our experiments, all for a good cause, we found which pairings worked best together and which ones made us just want chocolate. The good cause? You of course. We created a fun chocolate pairing guide that's as beautiful as it is fun to read.

In this gorgeous e-book you find out how to pair all 8 outrageously good flavors of Honeylove Chocolate with delicious cheeses that are easily found in any co-op or retail grocery. You'll be delighted by Cardamom Rose paired with brie and amazed at what happens with Bee Pollen & Cheddar...

To get your free copy of our full color e-book simply sign up for updates on our mailing list. It even includes a $5 special savings on our 16 piece sampler which is perfect for hosting your very own chocolate and cheese tasting party.


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