Oh Honey!

Honey is magic. 

The liquid sweet alchemical creation of bees is more than just a sweetening agent in our chocolates. The health benefits of using raw honey are many and why we insist on ensuring each batch of Honeylove Chocolates is infused with ethically sourced uncooked honey. To do this we ensure the temperature never goes over 104 degrees farenheit.  

Outrageously good chocolate is more than good tasting, we believe in keeping it good for you, too. Combining the the antioxidant properties of chocolate with raw honey you get a rich and sensuously decadent experience that is guilt free and healthy. 

The health benefits of raw honey go beyond helping to fight free radicals (and help you look younger and stay healthy), here are a few of the reasons we are committed to our recipe's integrity. 

Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal Properties

By using raw honey, we are able to avoid using harmful chemicals to increase shelf life of the chocolate you are eating. 


Raw honey is full of anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, when honey is heat treated these are lost. That's why Honeylove Chocolates only uses ethically sourced and harvested raw honey in every delicious batch.

Enzyme and Mineral Rich

Raw honey is rich in minerals and enzymes that help with digestion and absorption of nutrients. 

Less is More

We use a surprising small amount of raw honey in every batch, it's so sweet and paired with the natural tangy smooth flavor of Pacari chocolate the perfect blend is simple. We keep it pure and simple, so you can enjoy guilt free chocolate you feel good about.


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