Guilt Free Chocolate

Chocolate Your Can Feel Good About

We believe you deserve more than just great tasting chocolate, we want you to feel good about eating it, too! 

Here are 5 reasons to feel good about every single purchase you make, and every chocolate you eat from Honeylove Chocolates.

1. Ethically Sourced, All Natural Ingredients 

We searched high and low for the most ethically sourced cocoa on the market. Yes, most chocolate you can find in most stores comes from sources that don't work well with humans or nature. The cacao we use is ethically sourced, creates community and leaves a small footprint on Mother Earth. It's important to us to only use the best ingredients that benefit everyone from cultivation to consumption. We hope it's important to you, too.

2.  Raw Ethically Cultivated Organic Honey 

We only purchase raw ethically cultivated organic honey to use as a sweetener in Honeylove Chocolates. This honey comes from well loved and tended hives that are never deprived of their own sweet nectar. We interview the beekeepers from whom we purchase the raw organic honey to ensure the highest level of ethical standards are maintained. 

We believe in retaining the natural benefits of raw honey by adding it to each artisan made batch at the perfect temperature maintaining it's powerful restorative properties.

3. Raw Ethically Cultivated Organic Honey is the ONLY sweetener

Due to the high quality cacao having it's own natural sweetness we are able to keep our ingredient list very pure and very simple. Raw Ethically Cultivated Organic Honey is the ONLY sweetener used in Honeylove Chocolates.  Each batch is lightly sweetened so that you get to enjoy the rich and sensuous nature of the chocolate guilt free.

4. Few Ingredients

Outrageously good chocolate is the result of perfecting a recipe with pure wholesome all natural ingredients. It's a pretty short list, we believe in allowing the natural essence of the food to create the ultimate taste experience. So, we keep it simple and allow the natural complexity of flavors to unfold in every bite of Honeylove Chocolates.

5. Reuse, Recycle, Re-purpose

We attempt to find the best packaging to help you feel good about your purchases. Reusable tins and jars to fill with Honeylove Chocolate's golden wrapped treasures. We source our paper products to be as easy to recycle or reuse as possible. The Honeylove Chocolates team is dedicated to being co-creative with nature in all forms, which includes ensuring the best possible packaging is used.

Yes! This outrageously good chocolate is created for you to be guilt free. From source to each delicious bite we want to assure you that your can release the guilt, know that you are gifting yourself, friends, and family with a little luxury you can feel good about.


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