Give the neighbors something to talk about...

Outrageously Good Fun

When founder, Kirsten Sogge, first began to develop the delicious flavors of Honeylove Chocolates, she'd invite a few friends over to taste and give feedback. These informal chocolate tastings were known for being more than tasty, they were a lot of fun. "The best part of watching people eat the chocolate I make, is how often people close their eyes, get quiet for a moment, and then start making some wonderful noises... it can get pretty loud!" Sogge laughs, "I mean it's fun. It's sensuous, we're human, why not make yummy noises?"

Now, we're serious about this chocolate being so good that you don't have to share, but sometimes it's a lot of fun. 

Plus, it's a great way to make your neighbors wonder what's going on next door. Loud exclamations of "Oh Wow! Give me more!"  - "I want what she's got!" and "Mmmmmm... Oh Wow..." 

Think we're kidding? Have you seen the video of our chocolate and cheese tasting? This is raw footage of the Honeylove Chocolates team tasting Celtic Salted Thyme paired with Herbed Goat Cheese... We were hard at work bringing you the best flavor combos so you can have fun ways to share Honeylove Chocolates with your friends.

Why not give them something to talk about?

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