Discover Brahmari

Chocolate That Makes You Hum

Brahmari is a yoga term meaning bee's breathe. Honeylove Chocolates makes people hum with satisfaction.   

 Quite simply, brahmari is the humming sound humans make that mimics the hum of happy bees in the hive. 

According to yogis this art of humming enlivens your energy centers and brings a general feeling of wellness in the body. Even better? When you hum with others, the collective positive hum of people enjoying life together is so deeply satisfying.

We noticed a long time ago that no one is silent for long when they eat a piece of Honeylove Chocolates. Sometimes the noise is explosive and comes out in a surprised "OH WOW!", but most often it's a contented "Mmmmmm."

Recently our dedicated team of taste testers paired a selection of easy to find cheeses and summer seasonal treats with Honeylove Chocolates 8 decadent, but oh so good for you flavors.  It's serious business tasting chocolate, but that didn't hold back humming or laughter. (We know, tough job, right?)

It's our pleasure to gift you the findings of our Honeylove Chocolates taste testing team so you can experience the noise making goodness of pairing your favorite Honeylove Chocolates with cheeses and fresh goodness with your friends.

Let the humming begin!




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