Co-Creating With Nature In The Kitchen

In Flow by Laurie RiversIntentionally working with the flow of nature rather than trying to dominate through sheer will power is at the foundation of everything we do at Honeylove Chocolates. From making company decisions, to running the Sweet Spot Eco-Village, to designing new flavors and chocolate delights, co-creating with nature to create ease and flow is how we work.

So, how does one create with nature in the kitchen?

Honeylove Chocolate's founder, Kirsten Sogge, has more than 30 years of practice in working with the flow of nature. She invites everyone participating in the direction and decision to access their highest self, and invites the intended project (or plan) to present itself. 

"You learn to get specific, yet let go of the outcomes. Including everything around you, from nature spirits to the vibrational beings involved which includes the energy of the company or product, makes things flow so much easier." says Sogge.

Running an intentional business makes for a relatively stress free operation. It helps everyone stay in their joy doing what they do best, versus trying to force people and products into spaces that don't work for them naturally. 

Keeping the sweetness alive is part of our mission.

"Keeping things fun, is a must! Laughter is one of the most important ingredients in our chocolate!" Sogge reminds everyone on the team that joy is essential. "All you have to do is think of Dr. Emoto's work with vibrations and water. Love heals, hate shatters. Joy is a form of love and we believe that is worth infusing into each piece of chocolate that finds it's way out of the kitchen."

One of the things the team has discovered is that everything just runs smoother and things magically work out for us when we invite nature to come play with us. Well, and the chocolate is simply outrageously good. 

Stay tuned for opportunities to discover how to co-create with nature in your life, business and for manifesting your big visions as Kirsten Sogge brings you her method for making life sweet & simple.


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