Attention Chocolate Lovers !

You never have to run out of chocolate again!  Join our Chocolate Lovers Club and get Honeylove Chocolates Outrageously Good Chocolate Delivered to your door every single month!

Featuring our new shapes! Each outrageously good flavor now has it's own special shape! Hexagons, polyhedrons, and hearts oh my! You get your very own Treasure Tin filled with 14 pieces of dark, rich, guilt free chocolate in the first shipment and then refills every month for as long as you stay subscribed!

What's better than chocolate delivered to your door every month? FREE SHIPPING and saving $10 instantly on your first shipment of Honeylove Chocolates!

Honeylove Chocolates is made with the best chocolate in the world, sourced by Pacari this gold medal winning ethically sourced chocolate has the most outstanding flavor palette recognized world wide for it's commitment to bio dynamic, regionally sourced, organic purity which is why we choose to get our chocolate from this B-corporation! When we say Honeylove Chocolates is guilt free, pure pleasure, we absolutely mean it!

Join our Chocolate Lover's Club TODAY!



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