A Satchel of Self Care

Daily Self Care Is Essential

Have you ever had special things that sit on a shelf waiting to be used on that "special occasion?" What about those treats you buy yourself when you've been "good?" Founder of Honeylove Chocolate's Kirsten Sogge, has a philosophy the entire Honeylove Chocolates Team adopted and we want to share it with you.

 According to Sogge, a certified life coach and Waldorf instructor, self care needs to be a daily practice not a once in a while event when you're already exhausted and depleted. 

"Loving yourself is a daily practice, it doesn't have to be grand gestures. In fact, sometimes it's the sweet moments you create for yourself every day that fill you up the most."


 "The sweetest moment is right now." ~ Kirsten Sogge


At Honeylove Chocolates we do more than just make chocolate, we practice what Kirsten preaches at The Sweet Spot Eco-Village. We have some favorite self-care rituals among the staff that help our cups remain full, so we can continue to bring you the chocolate that makes you hum!

Honeylove Chocolates Team Daily Self Care Ritual Favorites

* Daily Walk - Even if it's just for around the block, getting outside and taking a stretch is good for the body, mind and soul. A change of scenery, a way to clear the mind, and get in some exercise helps shift out of stuck feelings or thoughts.

* Meditation - Most of our staff members have a morning or evening meditation habit, with or without music, of at least 15 minutes. This helps calm the mind, gain clarity, and recharge batteries.

* Use favorite items - Whether it's a china cup for tea or a crystal glass for wine, your good shoes, or that favorite silk shirt, we don't wait to use the good stuff. If it feels good using it, then use it! 

* Be creative! - Play an instrument you love, bang on a drum, paint, craft, cook, garden, doodle or color! Don't wait to enjoy these activities, do one daily that lifts your spirits and elevates your mood.

* Ask for hugs when needed - Loving yourself means knowing when to ask for support, sometimes you just need a hug. Hugs help raise your Oxytocin levels and that's the feel good hormone (chocolate does, too..).

* Eat a piece (or two, sometimes three) of Honeylove Chocolates a day. The dark chocolate is definitely a feel good booster, it's full of only the purest ingredients and it's like giving yourself a hug! 

Your Vitality Depends On Self Care

"Especially if you're a care taker or parent, it's extremely important to create a daily self care ritual. Your vitality depends on self care. Whether it's 15 minutes a day or a full hour, taking time out for yourself to enjoy a little love is what keeps your cup full so you can share the sweetness of life with others" Sogge reminds us of this frequently.


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