3 Reasons To Buy Ethical Chocolate

Sweet Solutions To A Dark Problem

     When Honeylove Chocolates founder, Kirsten Sogge,first began her quest to create naturally sweetened chocolate that promoted wellness her first concern was securing ethically sourced honey. This included honey organically cultivated without being tainted by poisonous chemicals, or seed fed with sugar water. Kirsten's love of bees and their golden delicious honey led the way in the company development. It wasn't long before she became aware of the the dark history and current practices in the chocolate industry. "I was horrified to learn about how Cacao is harvested in many countries and how only 6 companies control the commodity. It's often brutal to workers, many of them children, and it's environmental impact is equally horrific. I was determined to find a source of high quality ethically sourced chocolate so we are contributing to a solution, not the problem." 

Sourcing ethical chocolate meant coming up with some criteria, not just looking at fair trade labels. Kirsten, went on the hunt at chocolate shows and events to find vendors equally committed to sustainable harvests and community development. "It has to give more than it takes to be ethical in my book." Says Kirsten rather fiercely. "People deserve to have clean water, safe working conditions, and see an improvement in their lives for me to be happy with my source of chocolate."

 That's why Kirsten was delighted to find Pacari Chocolate, an internationally award winning gourmet chocolate source that is as dedicated to ethically producing fine chocolate as Kirsten is in creating chocolate you feel good about eating. Pacari hails from Ecuador, is family owned and operated and benefits the entire community.



3 Reasons To Buy Ethical Chocolate 




 1. It's 100% Organic - No poisons are used in the growing or harvest of the cacao. This is good for everyone involved, from the people working the harvest, those creating the finished product and you, the person eating this outrageously good chocolate. The quality shows as well, Pacari has a natural sweet and spice layered flavor palette, it requires less sweetening because of it's high quality production.


2. Ethical Labor Practices - No slave labor is involved. That's right, most of the chocolate you find on store shelves is sourced from cacao farms that employ slave and child labor. Honeylove Chocolates is dedicated to sourcing ingredients from suppliers that include all of nature in the production loop from the ecology to the human element. 


3. Community Development - We source our ingredients, all of them, from companies and suppliers dedicated to giving as much or more than they take. It's about leaving the planet better than you found it. We believe it makes everything taste sweeter, today it's more necessary than ever. Plus we think it makes everything taste that much sweeter.





Outrageously Good Chocolate You Can Feel Good About


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