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100% Organic Raw Honey

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The Sweet Spot

The Sweet Spot

Co-Creating with Nature   Eco-village often evokes the image of a rural plot of land, mostly mud, with ramshackle buildings and people living rough...
Unforgettable Flavor

Unforgettable Flavor

Outrageously good chocolate - Deep Flavor When we describe our chocolate people who haven't tasted it yet, tend to nod politely and give us the "Oh...
Give the neighbors something to talk about...

Give the neighbors something to talk about...

Outrageously Good Fun When founder, Kirsten Sogge, first began to develop the delicious flavors of Honeylove Chocolates, she'd invite a few friend...

Honeylove Chocolates

When you feel like sharing, the perfect party favor

Honey Candied Ginger

Organic raw ginger is peeled, sliced and steeped in 100% raw organic honey on site and used fresh to ensure you get that little bit of kick that's oh so sweet.

Artisan Made In Small Batches

Each batch of Honeylove Chocolates is crafted by hand in our chocolate kitchen in Olympia, Washington to ensure exquisite taste, integrity of ingredients and chocolate you can feel good about eating.